Bakery und Pastry Shop Hinterwirth

Wedding cakes and more


We love to bake your wedding cake


Please visit us at one of our branches or at our central bakery Münzfeld.


We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


Bäckerei und Konditorei Hinterwirth GesmbH & Co.KG

Contact: Gerhart Hinterwirth
Münzfeld 30
4810 Gmunden 
+43 7612 67921


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Baeckerei Hinterwirth 04
Baeckerei Hinterwirth 05
Baeckerei Hinterwirth 06
Baeckerei Hinterwirth 02



Hochzeitsgemeinschaft sagJA-im-Salzkammergut
4810 Gmunden - Austria

Contact: Gabi Socher
+43 664 4634898
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